2 bank / max 16 pads sampler triggering via Mouse Click, Keyboard Shortcut and MIDI events ( full version only ).

Current state of SamplePad is storeable to 'Snapshot Browser' separate with TrackList Document.


BANK is consisted with max 8 UNIT + Volume Fader + Mode Switch. BANK A is positioned the left side, and BANK B at the right side of FaderUnit.
The 'Mode Switch' toggles 'Bank Play Mode'.

Bank Play Mode

Multi Play Mode [ Multi ]

All Pad in BANK plays independently.


Single Play Mode [ Single ]

Only the latest triggered Pad plays sound and others will be cut out.

Pad Unit

Consists with 'Pad', 'Unit Label', 'Edit Button' and 'Loop Button'.
Each UNIT can have a single track.

samplePad Unit


Trigger playbacking of Unit's track.

Unit Label

Displays Unit ID. Works as dragging source of track too.

Edit Button

Presents 'Edit Panel'.

  • Track Title
  • Track Gain
  • Clear the Unit

Loop Button

Toggles the 'Pad Play Mode'.
Shot <ー> Loop

Pad Play Mode

SHOT Play from the beggining Play from the beggining Play from the beggining STOP
LOOP Play from the beggining STOP Play from the beggining Play from the beggining



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