Expand WaveView

WaveView indicates the waveform of current track, the playback position, custom cue position and tail position. The playback wiper can be dragged to change playback position.

WaveView is verticaly expandable, double tap anywhere on waveform to expand.

CueList Mode

CueList Mode

The CueList Mode is the special view for displaying all tracks in the deck. In this mode, user can arrange the order of tracks or some edit to tracks.

Some playback controls are also available from tool bar in this mode.

Arrange tracks Drag 'Move Marker' of row while in 'Edit Mode'.
Drag and Drop ( iOS 11 ~ iPad ) *
Remove a track from Cue List Row Action Swipe -> Left : [ Delete ] *
Copy a track Row Action Swipe -> Left : [ Copy ]
Track Editor ( iPad only ) Row Action Swipe -> Left : [ Edit ]
Set a track as 'Current' Row Action Swipe -> Right : [ TARGET ] (iOS11~) *
Double Tap the row *
Set a track as 'Next' Row Action Swipe -> Right : [ NEXT ] (iOS11~) *
Single Tap the row ( ~ iOS10 ) *
Edit Track Title Tap title text field while in 'Edit Mode'.
  * : also available on deck's cue list table.

Track Editor ( iPad ver )


Track's several informations are editable in 'TrackEditor' view accessible from the 'CueList Mode'.

Overall Wave View

  • Drag : move display area of main wave view
  • Double Tap : move playback wiper

Main Wave View

  • Pinch : zoom ( horizontaly )
  • Swipe : scroll
  • Tap : move playback wiper

TrackEditor ownes independent playback system, playback controls are available from tool bar of the view.


Track title
Artist Name
Album Name


Custom gain settable from inf. ~ +6db

[SCAN PEAK] will search maximum level of the file and set optimal gain.


Set custom start point of the track.

[MARK CUE] will set custom cue point on current playback wiper position of Main WaveView.

Extra Controls


The extra controls hidden normally will be appear when the Control Area Expand Buttonexp button was tapped.

Skip Tail Switch Skips silent outro part of track.
Repeat All Switch  
Pan Button ( iPad version only ) Make Pan Pod appear above the volume fader.
Pan Pod ( iPad version only ) Control direction : horizontal
Mono Button ( iPad version only ) Set the output of the deck to monaural.

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