A Track loaded to SamplePad will be playbacked from 'Cue Point' ~ 'Tail Point' of audio file.

Global Play Mode

Single Plays only the latest triggered pad.
Multi Plays all pads independently.

Pad Play Mode

SHOT Play the track one time. Every trigger play the track from the beginning and stop when the playback reached end.
LOOP Play the track infinitely. Each trigger toggle play / pause. every playback will start from the beginning of the track.
Mode Trigger #1 Trigger #2 Trigger #3 End of Track
SHOT Play from the beggining Play from the beggining Play from the beggining STOP
LOOP Play from the beggining STOP Play from the beggining Play from the beggining

Extra Controls

Extra Controls are available during the button is keep on pressed. To assign the control, user have to tap target pad while pressing the control button.

Mode Change Button Toggle Pad Play Mode. Shot / Loop.
Clear Pad Button Clear specified pad.
Fadeout Button Make specified playing pad to fadeout.

PadList Mode


PadList Mode displays all tracks of SamplePad. In this view user can arrange the assignment of tracks and edit properties of tracks.

Arrange tracks Drag 'Move Marker' of row while in 'Edit Mode'
Drag and Drop ( iOS 11 ~ iPad )
Pad Play Mode Tap the Mode Button
Pad Gain Up/Down the gain pod
Edit Track Title Tap title text field while in 'Edit Mode'
Swipe Actions ( to left )  
Delete Track  
Copy Track Appears only when the empty pad exists.
Move to 'Track Editor' Track Editor ( Deck page )

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