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Developer Page (2016)


` version.1.2.3 updated ‼︎  `

PlayBacker / lite

PlayBacker for mac series were updated to version 1.2.3, they are supporting for macOS Sierra (10.12).
And some improvements around file handling has done.

#) Bugfixes
In previous versions, there was a case that application can't access audio files if the file had no permission of read/write, or another reason. Under such situations, application has been crashed before indicate alert.
In this time update, this issue was resolved normally. In case mensioned above, new version will indicates "files can't read" alert.

You can check and edit the permission of audio files in [ Get Info ] in [ File ] menu of Finder.

Please update to more safty new version !!
thank you !


~ " 1 Track Repeat " available in new version 1.1.6 !! ~

PlayBacker for iPad / iPhone

We released new version 1.1.6 which have added "1 track repeat" function, that was requested from many users !!

When "1 track repeat button" which added in "Control Area" is toggled on,  a current track will keep playing repeatedly till another user action occurred.

Please try update to conveniently new version !
Thank you all users !!


` Supporting state for macOS Sierra ( 10.12 ) `

PlayBacker for Mac series

 To All Users.

Thank you for using PlayBacker series. I will report PlayBacker series's supporting state for new apple's macOS Sierra ( 10.12 ).

Current version of PlayBacker series ( ver.1.2.2 ) are well available on macOS Sierra at the points of standard functions. For example, file loading, playback controls, fader controls etc are OK.
Because the connection with external audio hardware depends on hardware driver's OS support state, please check your hardware maker's HP.

Although it seems to be no problems around, but there is a possibility of bugs not yet be actualized. I currently have checking and optimizing applications, please be carefull for using PlayBacker series on new OS till I released update versions.

# If you have informations of troubles or bugs while using PlayBacker series on new OS, please teach me details. In addition, I am waiting for your report of feel of use, troubles, and suggestions .

Regards above. Thank you !
from developer.


` iOS10 supporting version 1.1.5 was released ! `

PlayBacker for iPad / iPhone

Version 1.1.5 supporting to iOS10 was released.

With this OS update, privacy policy was changed that application needs permission of users for accesses device's 'Media Library'. So when user runs PlayBacker first time, the window prompting the setting for user will shown.

In case of 'PlayBacker for iOS' series, PlayBacker needs access to Media Library for loading audio files from device's iTunes Library.

This setting is changeable after, in > Privacy > Media Library.

Regards above and please enjoy our applications. Thank you all !!


` Supporting State of iOS 10 ( to all users ) `

PlayBacker for iPad / iPhone

Current version of "PlayBacker for iOS" series can not run on "iOS 10".

We currently have keep on developing of updated version for supporting iOS 10. Please wait a while till we could release new version.

I'm very sorry for all usersc


` Bug Report : PlayBacker for iPhone version 1.1.3 `

PlayBacker for iPhone

I report bugs in recently released PlayBacker for iPhone version 1.1.3, which cause to crash application.

# Application crashes by loading audio files which doesn't have artwork image.

This issue causes by bugs around image handling of "Control Center". There is not this issue in iPad version.

I am very sorry to all users and apologize about these bugs.
Currently I am stopping distribute this version, and applying fixed new version to Apple.

Please note problems above if you already updated to version 1.1.3, and stop using this version till updated version will be available.

update) '16/05/02
PlayBacker for iPhone version 1.1.4 which resolves the bugs above menstioned has relased. Please update if you use ver.1.1.3.


~ Version 1.1.3 updated !! ~

PlayBacker for iPad / for iPhone
Details of changed features please see below.

‘ The way to show "Preferences" has changed. ( iPad version only )

From this version, "Preferences" window was changed to be shown over the player. This change prevents accidental open of "Preferences" at the time of operations of "Crossfader" or "Deck" and make operations more safety.

To show "Preferences" -
Tap "show preferences button" at the navigation bar of DECK A.

‘ An problem of sample rate mismatch was resolved.

In previous versions there was an issue that sometimes sample rate mismatching occurred between device and application. and it affected playback quality. This issue was resolved in this version.

‘ Improvements of audio rendering process were carried out.

Deckfs file loading behavior at the time of track change was improved faster. It makes less gap in continue playing.

‘ Usability of operations was improved better.

Focus area : "Crossfader Unit", "Wave View" etc.
The usability of operations was increased by tuning of interface response.

‘ Other some bug fixes.

# ) I accepted many advices from many users in this time update. Thank you very much for valuable opinions ! Please enjoy my products also in future and if you have questions, opinions and advices, please send me messages without hesitation !

Thank all users.


~ Version 1.1.2 updated. ~

PlayBacker for iPad / for iPhone
Details of changed features please see below.

‘ Saving Cue Has Enabled. ( for iPad version only )

Brand-new "Cue Manager" was added to "Preferences" window. Users can save snapshot of current cue lists state !
  • New : Name and save current cue lists status.
  • Open : Open stored cue on decks.
  • Update : Overwrite stored cue with current cue lists.
  • Trash : Delete stored cue.

When users tapped "Info Button" of cue, detail information of the cue will appear to new view.

# At the time of opening, tracks of not existing files will be removed from deck's cue lists. Track's reachability to file will also be shown at cue detail view ( track will be indicated with gray out if can not access file ).

‘ Supported by "Control Center" ( iPhone version only )

  "PlayBacker for iPhone" has became able to accept playback command from "Control Center".

The Control Center is a utility window of iOS devices which may be shown with swiping from bottom edge of device on Home Screen etc.

From that window or Lock Screen, users can control playback like "Play","Pause","Go Next" and "Go Previous".

In addition, remote control from accessories ( for example "Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic" etc ) is also available.

‘ Track Copy has enabled.

Track copy has became enabled in deck's "Cue List Mode".

In "Cue List Mode" view ( please tap ¨  [CUE LIST] button of deck to show ), "Copy" command was added to track's edit action menu.
When users tapped "Copy", new copied track will be insert at immediate below.

‘ Other changes and bug fixes.

# ) Application behavior at the time of plug out was updated.

When audio output was changed to built-in speaker from headphone etc, application will pauses playback and wait users action.

# ) A bugs of tracks which refer to not existing files were solved.

There was an issue at previous version that, deck hanged up for trying to load track of not existing audio file. This problem was caused to bugs of existence check of files in device's music library. This issue was solved on this version.

# ) Move to other deck by swipe gesture on portrait mode.i for iPad )

In portrait mode of "PlayBacker for iPad", it became possible to scroll to other deck by swipe gesture.

# ) The status of "Auto Cue" and "Auto Pause" are saved.

"Auto Cue" and "Auto Pause" buttons state will be keep when application was rebooted ( include suspended in background ).

# 1.1.2 is a bug fixed version of below mentioned. For all users, please update to this version.


~  Bug Report : PlayBacker for iOS verson 1.1.1 ~

PlayBacker for iPad / for iPhone

I report bugs in recently released version 1.1.1, which cause to crash application.

# Editing tracks in "Cue List Mode" view.
  • Application will crash when users did delete tracks which were copied at "Cue List Mode".
  • Application might not respond to users action of add tracks, after users delete all tracks in "Cue List Mode" view.

I am very sorry to all users and apologize about these bugs.
Currently I am stopping distribute this version, and applying fixed new version to Apple.

Please note problems above if you already updated to version 1.1.1, and stop using this version till updated version will be available.

update) '16/03/12
Version 1.1.2 which fixed this bugs was released. Please update to 1.1.2 if you have a ver.1.1.1.

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